Diagnosis Dislocation 😳

Not gonna lie – jumped into Thursday like a total BOSS!!! Boshed out my morning workout, gulped down a couple of decaf lattes and pulled on my gardening gloves – all before 9am.

COMPLETELY failed at home schooling today 🤷🏼‍♀️ it was 27° at 11am… definitely too hot for schoolwork. Instead we had more “practical” lessons of veg picking, veg planting, mowing and compost turning. We had a brilliant harvest of potatoes, peas, spinach. beetroot, spring onions, carrot thinnings and even a couple of rogue runners that had grown amongst the peas. Result!!

The rest of the day was mainly spent in the pool.

And that’s where it happened 😕 there was a bit of an incident between #1🐸 and the toadette, an altercation ensued, the usual screaming, punching, biting and scratching followed (ok so I may be hamming it up a bit there) but somehow, in the argument, the toadettes thumb got twisted around.

This followed a lot more screaming and quite a bit of swearing – that was from me as I was trying to cook dinner 😬. The toadette was wailing and as usual I was applying FULL mum sympathy:

“stop making that ridiculous noise”

“Don’t you come in this house – you’re soaking wet!!”

“I’ll deal with you in a minute but not until you’ve stopped making that bloody racket”

Don’t judge me – I don’t pander to the toads every time they hurt themselves. I’d spend my life permanently attached to a first aid box if I did that!!

I reached a point in my stir fry that I could leave the dinner and take a look. The toadette had dried off and her volume level was back down to an angry whinge about how horrible her brother was. It was then that I realised that actually this time she may have hurt herself 😳 #badmummyalert 😳 her left thumb definitely didn’t look right and she couldn’t move it properly at all.

Diagnosis: dislocation. My lovely friend Allie had popped round so she took a look and we concurred that it definitely wasn’t right. The toadette was less than keen to go to hospital so we decided ice, ibuprofen and maybe a click was the way forward. I should explain here – the toadette and #1🐸 are ALWAYS cracking their knuckles. It drives me mad. I shout A LOT at them for it. In this case it proved handy though because after some ice numbed the area, Elsie suddenly dropped the tea towel wrapped around her and pulled her thumb. The resounding crack was quite revolting. It was a complete surprise that she did it. Both me and Allie were looking at each other thinking “this is gonna be a trip to A&E” and she just cracked on… literally 😳

Cue tears…. and application of the only chocolate I could find (cake stars) and application of micro pore tape to hold it together.

Rather hoped everything would be better in the morning but sadly it didn’t seem that way. After taking off the tape and noting that the thumb had pretty much zero movement I decided a trip to the local MIU would be necessary.

Neither of us wanted to go: We don’t have masks (I was going to make some this weekend), we don’t have much patience for waiting around, and we don’t like hospitals. We sucked it up and went though and it wasn’t too painful. The nice lady at the desk gave us masks to replace our scarves and we were seen pretty quickly by triage.

The wait for X-ray was minimal and the radiographer was brilliant. He spoke to Elsie and asked if she’d like to see her x-rays. Explained about growth plates (that was educational for me) and told her she had brilliant looking bones 😬🤣 that made her day. We took our seats to wait to be seen again and that’s when the toadette pulled out the piece de resistance… a MAHUSSIVE nosebleed. She gets them a lot – often triggered by temperature change. The mask must have aggravated her and made her too hot because her nose started to bleed and wouldn’t stop!!!

Thankfully a passing nurse took pity on us and ushered us into a room just in case anyone saw the carnage and fainted – it looked like she’d been bashed on the shnoz by the hulk.

It wasn’t long after that episode that we were seen. The doctor was a little worried by a cloudy patch in her X-ray that could possibly be ligament related. They had decided to send her X-rays to a specialist to see if it needs further investigation. In the meantime he strapped it up as if it was broken which made the toadette a lot more comfortable and we went on our merry way.

So now the toadette is semi-incapacitated. She’s loving that she can’t carry anything – means chores are limited, frets permanently about getting her plaster wet, and yet seems to be a bit of a whizz at a 2 handed game on the iPad 🤔 I may have been “had” here…

We’ll see how this pans out….


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