The not-so-secret ramblings of a mumma-toad aged 40 and 8/12ths.

Me, myself and I.

Who am I?

I’m just your average 40 year old (yes that happened last year and I’m still in denial) woman… Wife, mum of 3, business owner, cake maker, dreamer, star-gazer, runner, craft-person, gardener and fitness enthusiast among many other things.

Quite unremarkable, hugely under-qualified and full of unpublished ramblings…. until now!! Fueled by prosecco (many of my finer moments are fueled by alcohol) I have gathered the confidence to hit “create site” and start my journey into the world of Blog. I often ramble on Facebook and Instagram, everyone always tells me I should write a book… here are my first tentative steps to making that happen – or trying to!!

Why mumma toad and toadlife? One day when my second son was at pre-school he did something crazy – pretty standard for him, I can’t remember what it was – and I remarked “oh he’s such a toad!!” That stuck… the boys became known as the toads and soon after, the toadette was born. Ever since then they have lovingly been referred to collectively as The Toads and when we go away we are Toads on Tour, Toads of the Caribbean… you get the picture. It seemed natural to refer to my ramblings as Toad-life.

Here they are – Joshua #1 toad, Jacob #2 toad and Elsie the toadette. ‘Orrible aren’t they!

You’ll often read about me moaning about them, ranting about them, losing my sh@t daily with some of the things they do (or don’t do). But the truth is that these toads are the sole reason I live and breathe. I dedicate my life to them from the moment I get up until the moment I go to bed and as much as they drive me UTTERLY bonkers EVERY SINGLE FRICKING DAY, I love them to bits and adore their crazy ways and the truly amazing human beings they are becoming.

Enough of that mush though – they wont fit their heads through the doorways if they read this. They’re basically ‘orrible and drive me nuts from approximately 7am until 11pm. It’s no wonder I drink!!

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