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Mum-life Mondays.

It comes to something when the highlight of your day is escaping to Tesco to restock the cupboards 😳🤣 The Toads keep eating me out of house and home!! Don’t get me wrong…. I love them. I dedicate my entire life to them… but man alive, I’ve spent what, 15 weeks, pretty much 24/7 withContinue reading “Mum-life Mondays.”

Diagnosis Dislocation 😳

Not gonna lie – jumped into Thursday like a total BOSS!!! Boshed out my morning workout, gulped down a couple of decaf lattes and pulled on my gardening gloves – all before 9am. COMPLETELY failed at home schooling today 🤷🏼‍♀️ it was 27° at 11am… definitely too hot for schoolwork. Instead we had more “practical”Continue reading “Diagnosis Dislocation 😳”

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