Mum-life Mondays.

It comes to something when the highlight of your day is escaping to Tesco to restock the cupboards 😳🤣 The Toads keep eating me out of house and home!!

Don’t get me wrong…. I love them. I dedicate my entire life to them… but man alive, I’ve spent what, 15 weeks, pretty much 24/7 with the Toads now?!? We’re all going a little loopy and getting sick of the sight of each other!!!

It’s been a cakey couple of weeks at chateaux Toad. I had a big order for a fruit cake and cupcakes which I purposely overbaked for to ensure the Toads had cupcakes a plenty…. that made them happy. #mumpoints

Then Toad #2 baked and iced an entry for his schools Virtual Bake Off Challenge – entirely his own work. I just supervised. He’s a chip off the old block!!!Very chuffed with his Niffler cake he was.

Finally I had a cake for the lovely Grace who’s turning 4 tomorrow and wanted a unicorn cake. The Toads were mighty impressed with that one with the Toadette declaring she wanted one just like it for her birthday 🙄 made a rod for me own back there didn’t I!!

Garden Bounty

The rewards from the garden have been plentiful and varied. I’ve had a woodpecker visiting the bird feeder (terrible photo but I didn’t want to scare him off), and Mr Toad was VERY welcome when we found him in the recycling box.

The flowerbeds are popping with colour 😍 and the vegetables have been very welcome!! I’ve neglected the garden a bit with the rain and my coursework so it’s reassuring to find it hasn’t held it against me. I’m going out there tomorrow to show it some love and tidy things up a bit. The spinach I wilted the other day was delicious and you could smell the iron as it cooked. Also loving the fact that my salad bowl is 50% things grown by me now!! Just need the tomatoes to ripen and all I’ll need to buy are peppers (mine aren’t doing well… they may need a feed) Was super excited to cook our first few runner beans tonight too – they were bloody delicious 😋

Not much else has happened though to be honest. You may remember my suspicions that I’d been “had” when it came to the toadettes hand injury… that was a 50/50 conclusion.

The hospital phoned on Friday to say that they didn’t think it was fractured and had we taken the bandage off?

The answer to that was a resounding YES as it had started to smell like the dog when he’s rolled in his favourite perfume “eau de fox-poop” 🤣 (Last time he did that he mashed it in so hard that he even had his own fly circling around him!! He was so proud. We were less than amused 🤣🤣)

Rippy-roo modelling his favourite fragrance 🦊💩

Anyway. They said to keep moving the thumb and if she gets any pain or has issues with movement then to head back to the MIU. From watching her fight with her brother over the lawnmower, I’m pretty sure that trip won’t be necessary 🙄


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