Crossing over to the dark side….

Fancy dress Friday is here again!! This kinda became a thing at Chateaux Toad throughout lockdown. I was doing the whole Joe Wicks workout thing and he called for fancy dress Friday… now I LOVE a fancy dress opportunity so I seized this with both hands and ran like the wind 😬 The Toads pretend to object. They roll their eyes, feign embarrassment and mutter things like “ugghhh you’re mental mum” but they LOVE it!! On the weeks that I’ve been late on parade with my costume they’re always asking “mum, you know it’s Friday don’t you?” and “where’s your fancy dress mum?” It’s just kind of expected now.

Thankfully I have quite a large selection of fancy dress so keeping it going has been pretty easy. I’ve also been able to share the fancy dress love with the village by trotting down the road most Fridays much to the amusement of passers by and dustbin lorry workers (they always beep and wave) and bemused van drivers. Watching the double takes proves very amusing for me!!! 😬

There’s only been 1 Friday where I haven’t taken part… it had been a difficult week topped off by a horrendous Friday and I just didn’t feel like putting a costume together. The Toads to the rescue though – “but mum, you are dressed up!!! You’re a runner” I was sporting my shorts from that mornings exercise and a This Mum Runs jumper. Bless ‘em… they found the silver lining to my cloud that day.

Anyway, it was this Friday that I finally got to see my hairdresser…. it’s been forever. I’ve had to cut my own fringe for months and my roots!!!!! Let’s not even talk about them!!! First world problems I know 🤷🏼‍♀️

In truth, I haven’t seen my natural hair colour for well over 20 years 🤣 I really didn’t know what it was… I’m just pleased that there’s not too much grey creeping in yet 🤣

Anyway, I made it to the chair on Friday morning, Costa in hand – my first decaf skinny latte made by a barista for months. It was bloody delicious!!!

The “new normal” in Exeter was pretty trippy to be honest. I’ve NEVER seen my preferred car park so empty. Usually I struggle to get a space anywhere. I had my pick this time! Princesshay was eerily quiet and the signs and one way systems were very strange. I was quite glad to sit down in the safety of the chair. It was lovely to see Laura and catch up on everything – she’s been fixing my mop for pretty much 20 years now so there’s always lots to chat about. My hair request has always been the same though every time I sit down: “blonde please – you know what you’re doing so just do what you like with it”. I trust Laura implicitly – she always makes it look good. She had to sit down though this time when I said to her “I think I want a change”….

As usual, Laura didn’t fail to deliver and my crossover to the dark side was complete

I love it 😬

The best bit about it – the Toads keep mistaking me for the toadette 🤣🤣

A good hairdresser really CAN work miracles


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