Ever get the feeling you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?

So it’s 10:34pm and my tiny mind is utterly frazzled from a couple of hours coursework.

At the start of lockdown I thought that seeing as I had a bit of extra time in my day I would sign up to “educate” myself. I figured a SAGE course in accounting for business wouldn’t hurt seeing as I’m doing accounts pretty much every day for our own business. Then I signed up for a course in Nutrition. It’s something that interests me and I figured it wouldn’t be a bad thing to learn about seeing as I spend 80% of my time feeding just about every fecker 🤣

I’m now onto unit 3 of the accounting course and have 80 pages to wade my way through plus a further 7 self tests to complete. Also onto unit 3 of the nutrition course with an assessment due on the 22nd. I can only find the peace to work at night and quite frankly I’m starting to doubt my abilities!!! I’ll keep going though because I refuse to quit at anything I do – even if it takes me years like the numerous quilts I have on the go 😬 I WILL manage this even if my tiny mind explodes doing it.

It’s been quite a good day really….

Let me introduce you to my good friend Jo “le Trout”…. after all she’s the reason you’re able to read this. You see, last night I messaged Jo and said “mate, I can’t work out how to get my blog onto the right page and go live” and because nothing is too much trouble, she was on the phone at 8:30 this morning to show me where I was going wrong and how to fix it. Jo was there when I pressed the “publish” button. Jo is always there for my crazy adventures / ideas / aspirations / good times / meltdowns / all the times!! She’s an incredibly patient godmother to the toadette and pretty much an oracle to me. I don’t know what I’d do without her – especially this morning when I wanted to wang the laptop through the window!!! So because of Jo, toad-life happened.

After the excitement of hitting publish I threw my messy self into another workout (Day 2 of Week 2 of 10 Rounds). It was an upper body lift session which left me almost unable to drink my tea my arms were burning so much!! Felt good though. 2 good things in the day so far.

What was NOT good was #1 toads ability to hang out the washing!! He managed the majority of it but that white thing is a muslin cloth that I used to strain the elderflower cordial we made… needless to say the muslin was NOT dry!! He’s a prawn.

Other good things today include the toadette tidying her room (you have nooooooo idea what a battle that is), we managed to find some strawberries that the mouse HASN’T eaten (the mouse lives in the bottom of the strawberry pot), I have spring onions ready to pick, turnips growing brilliantly, and I pulled my first onion – oooooer!! 🤣 I was too excited and want to try one. It was bloody lovely!!

Also, apart from a short downpour, it didn’t rain too much today. Enough to water the garden for me but not enough to ruin my washing – I whipped it in before the rain started.

My only real trauma today – I nearly boiled my beetroot dry. That is NOT a euphemism 🤣 I got distracted by laundry and forgot I’d put a pan of beetroot (that I picked from the garden this morning) on to cook. Wondered what the hissing noise was…. Saved it just in time. The pickle jar is filling nicely.

Let’s see what tomorrow’s toady adventures bring… We’re off to pick up mother in law to welcome her into our bubble for a few days. She’s been on her own since lockdown. My sister in law does a brilliant job of looking after her but I know she’s super excited to be coming to stay for a while as 10/11 weeks is a long time on your own. At least we have the space to be able to accommodate her.


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