“What’s for dinner mum?”

Every single flipping day!! What’s for dinner? Anyone else get fed up with hearing that question? The answer – I don’t bloody know!!!!

I love cooking but I do hate trying to decide what we will eat every single day… My problem being that when I do ask for suggestions, I get the same answers: Spaghetti Bolognaise, (toady favourite), Cottage Pie (toad seniors favourite), Fajitas, or White pasta (toad-code for chicken and bacon penne). Why doesn’t someone ever suggest Duck a l’orange or Lobster thermidor?

Not that I have the major ingredient for either in my fridge/garden pond – well, we do have ducks but that’ll take some serious prep effort on my part – but what I mean is it would be nice to be asked for something out of the ordinary! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Yesterday I very nearly cooked Badass Beryl the chicken. She keeps busting out of her pen and wrecking my flowerbed. She’s destroyed countless plants and seedlings that I have painstakingly grown. She is very much in my chicken bad books. Beryl gives no f*cks though. I thought I’d managed to contain her but she broke out and dug up my gerbera and spider lily among other plants yesterday. I very nearly wrung her scrawny chicken neck.

Beryl is a constant source of amusement for my insta followers – everyone loves her and her badass ways. When I posted a picture of last nights honey and mustard chicken there was a lot of concern for that bird. Even the toads (who had seen me losing my mind when I discovered her wrong-doings) questioned the preparation of the dish…. surprisingly though they all loved their dinner. I was not expecting that. #1🐸 hates mushrooms, #2🐸 doesn’t usually like a sauce, and the toadette chops and changes about what she likes to eat like the wind. I nearly spat my food out when they all said how nice it was. Toad senior raved about it for hours. I felt like an actual masterchef – I do wish I’d taken a better photo though!! If you’re interested then I am trying to create a “recipes” page for some of the yummier/more successful stuff I create. I will share a link to the page when I work out how to do it – I’m not good at this stuff!

I’m currently procrastinating – it is my specialist hobby!! I am supposed to be completing coursework but I’m bored. Even with my beautiful stationery and my highlighter pens I am just not feeling it today and I NEED to crack on and get this stuff done and stop browsing amazon, checking instagram and making endless cups of tea!! Let’s focus and give it a whirl hey. Have a great afternoon everyone. 💕🐸

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