Crossing over to the dark side….

Fancy dress Friday is here again!! This kinda became a thing at Chateaux Toad throughout lockdown. I was doing the whole Joe Wicks workout thing and he called for fancy dress Friday… now I LOVE a fancy dress opportunity so I seized this with both hands and ran like the wind 😬 The Toads pretendContinue reading “Crossing over to the dark side….”

Mum-life Mondays.

It comes to something when the highlight of your day is escaping to Tesco to restock the cupboards 😳🤣 The Toads keep eating me out of house and home!! Don’t get me wrong…. I love them. I dedicate my entire life to them… but man alive, I’ve spent what, 15 weeks, pretty much 24/7 withContinue reading “Mum-life Mondays.”

Diagnosis Dislocation 😳

Not gonna lie – jumped into Thursday like a total BOSS!!! Boshed out my morning workout, gulped down a couple of decaf lattes and pulled on my gardening gloves – all before 9am. COMPLETELY failed at home schooling today 🤷🏼‍♀️ it was 27° at 11am… definitely too hot for schoolwork. Instead we had more “practical”Continue reading “Diagnosis Dislocation 😳”

Self discipline, clock-gate and vegetables!

So this photo taken at 23:55 will give you a good idea of how well my 3rd assignment is going 🤣 or not as the case may be. Thankfully my tutor has given me an extension as it was due in yesterday. Given that I have a weeks worth of food diary to keep asContinue reading “Self discipline, clock-gate and vegetables!”

“What’s for dinner mum?”

Every single flipping day!! What’s for dinner? Anyone else get fed up with hearing that question? The answer – I don’t bloody know!!!! I love cooking but I do hate trying to decide what we will eat every single day… My problem being that when I do ask for suggestions, I get the same answers:Continue reading ““What’s for dinner mum?””

Ever get the feeling you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?

So it’s 10:34pm and my tiny mind is utterly frazzled from a couple of hours coursework. At the start of lockdown I thought that seeing as I had a bit of extra time in my day I would sign up to “educate” myself. I figured a SAGE course in accounting for business wouldn’t hurt seeingContinue reading “Ever get the feeling you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?”

Stepping into the world of Blog!

Here goes nothing – my first ever blog post. Eeek. So many people have enjoyed the toady adventures and my ramblings on Facebook that I’ve finally plucked up the courage to put those ramblings online. It’s a scary thing for me. To be honest, most of the time I just post whatever comes into myContinue reading “Stepping into the world of Blog!”